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AMD Catalyst 8.8 Proprietary Linux Driver


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The AMD Catalyst 8.8 Proprietary Linux Driver has been released. The new features of the new driver are:

  • CrossfireX support - This allows the graphics rendering workload to be split between multiple Radeon GPUs to deliver faster performance. For more, see the phoronix.com article with pics (warning 10 pages long).
  • Adaptive Anti-Aliasing - this improves the quality of images by anti aliasing the transparent pictures.
  • Linux kernel 2.6.26 support
  • ATI OverDriveâ„¢ official overclocking utility (see Phoronix.com article)
  • support of Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.2 and 4.7
  • ATI MultiViewâ„¢

You can read the Release Notes. The driver can be downloaded from the AMD website.

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