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supermount/mounting/unmounting drive question

chris z

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yeah, i'm full of questions this morning (or full of something, others might say :lol: )


right now i am using supermount for my cdrom, burner, & floppy drives. if i right click on any of the desktop icons for them, there's an option to unmount them. but.....when i try to do that, it tells me that only root has that priveledge. is there away for me as user "chris" to mount & unmount these drives using the right click method, or can it only be done via command line? (or, does supermount not allow mounting & unmounting of drives at all?) does it have anything to do with permissions, & (if so) how can i give "chris" permissions to do this? i tried using "Kuser" to give "chris" mounting permissions by creating groups for "mount" & "unmount" (exact wording), then adding "chris" to those groups, but that doesn't seem to work.

TIA (as always),


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