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How do I reinstall volume control icon


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It's probably an applet and i'm guessing you are using KDE. The same will probably still apply on GNOME. I'm on a Windex machine now so i'm guessing a bit, but i think you can get it back by


Right click taskbar


Add -->Applets-->


I know there is an applets submenu there somewhere. It's most likely in that.



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not in front of my Linux machine right now, but (from memory), if you're using KDE desktop, the volume control is for KMix. click on the kicker button in the lower left corner of your screen->multimedia->sound->kmix. set your volumes to what you want, close it. the icon will remain in the taskbar. if you right click the volume control icon, you can configure it, close it, etc. also, in the options of kmix, there's an option to dock the icon (or not) when the app is closed.


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