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Stopping Shorewall blocks access to the computer


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I have an ssh server running on my laptop behind the firewall (shorewall). With firewall running, everything is fine, and I can connect to the machine via ssh just fine. However, shutting down the shorewall service on the laptop prevents other computers from connecting to ssh server. This does not look logical to me.... Why is this happening? What is blocking connections? I need to be able to test certain things with shorewall down.

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(FAQ 7) When I stop Shorewall using “shorewall[-lite] stopâ€, I can't connect to anything. Why doesn't that command work?


Answer:The “ stop †command is intended to place your firewall into a safe state whereby only those hosts listed in /etc/shorewall/routestopped' are activated. If you want to totally open up your firewall, you must use the “ shorewall[-lite] clear †command.



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