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Why do you like/love using GNU/Linux?


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In very short:

+ If there's something I don't like, I can remove/change it.

+ If there's something I want, I can do it.

+ All of this for almost free.


- Finding the solution to a problem can be time-consuming.

- WiFi is driving me mad.


On a broader scope:

+ Nice platform for UI experiments (Metisse, Gimmie, LFS…).

+ A strong foothold for free software in general.


- Too much is done to look/act like Win or Mac.



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I have the flexibility to do what I want, when I want. I still have a challenge fixing problems and learning new things - which is also good. I'm not restricted in what I can do than if I compared it to Windows.

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+ very cost efficient

+ flexible

+ relatively easy to learn and to use

+ completely customizable

+ not tied to one or two brands/vendors

+ rock-stable

+ relatively secure

+ it is not Windows. :thumbs:


- support from hardware vendors is in several areas still rather poor

- some of the gnu/linux-apps are not yet as good as some Windows/Apple apps (=lacking features)

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I have been fnWindows free at home now for about 5 years. Started on Mandy 9.1. Upgraded to Mandy 2006. Looking to upgrade to Mandy 2008.1


+No anti-virus scans taking 90% of my CPU

+No anti-adware scans taking the other 10% of my CPU

+No MicroSoft tax every couple of years.

+No blue screen crashes

+If it is broken I can fix it; no 30 minute hold waiting for tech support

+Great support team here at Mandrivausers.

+Applications are better than fnWindowz apps.


The list goes on.


-Applications upgrades run out of steam rather quickly, requiring an OS version upgrade.


That's about it.




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I concur with most if not all points above.


For me, it all started with first using Unix, then windows, then figuring out that I don't like the way the mswin window manager works, then figuring out that they (ms) don't care what I do or don't like.


At the same time, I realised that I was spending effort on a weekly basis to keep mswin chugging along (98se in this case), and that I would spend as much time with Linux, but only in the beginning, since every step you take is one more on the path to computing bliss, whereas with mswin one regularly gets places several steps back....


Then I also realised the only way to be able to get a system that does what I like is to move to a Free Software system, and to be able to do that, enough people must do the same so that hardware of all kinds would be supported. So I started my website to get more people started.


Today I can seriously say that Linux systems are the least annoying computing systems that I have experience with.

It does take the proper hardware, but once that requirement is fulfilled, Linux does the job.


I can't say I love it, I can just about say I like it, and often I'm on the verge of saying I dislike it the least...


But at least, GNU/Linux allows me to take the driver's seat, unlike other, more popular, OSes.

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- WiFi is driving me mad.


Things are improving there... there's drivers for nearly every bit of wireless hardware out there now.


The last remaining step, is getting those drivers included in distros, stabilised in many cases, and getting some decent tools to work with them (and that really depends on stabilised drivers...).



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