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Help with make and ./configure

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ok, I'm TRYING to work from source for the 1st time.


dloaded a .tgz, extracted that, everything is good so far


open konsole as root, cd to that dir and ./configure


LOTS of lines fly by, everything looks like its going GREAT!


then all of a sudden it errors out and says BUBBA (for example) not found please change directories or configure files


so i ls and find out that there is a BUBBA subdir




and in there are about 4 different files, TWO of them are Makefile.in and Makefile.am and then the rest are all BUBBA related


so I make <return>


BUBBA:15 no endfile target name or Makefile found


so i look up the switches for make and try:


make -f BUBBA.in BUBBA <return>


BUBBA:15 no file or directory found



now remember this is my VERY 1st time at ANY of this, i'm typically an RPM guy, but this time I'm rather impatient.


any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.






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Could you please give us a link to the source you're trying to compile? Maybe also the real error message, instead of Bubba?




Forrest Gump :D

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First of all: Make sure you meet all dependancies and that you read ALL the instructions that come with the package (readme file, etc.). And use e.g. pastebin or some similar tool for posting the output of the compiling process. This will make it easier to troubeshoot.

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