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How do you pronounce GIMP?


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... Or is it GIMP as GUI?


...and how do you pronounce GUI??? :P


...because here, in spanish as you might know we don't use english words or english acronyms



I pronounce it as the phoneme "gui" sounds in spanish then I add the "mp". Just one syllable

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I don't think we ever settled the arguement on how to pronounce Linux and now you're asking about GIMP? :lol:


Not that I'm much help but I pronounce it "GNU Image Manipulation Program." J/k! I pronounce it gimp as in limp. Btw, according to the jargon file gnu is pronounced gnoo or noo. No wonder we stay confused!

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gimp like give


It's guh-new, says GNU.org

(GNU is a recursive acronym for ``GNU's Not Unix''; it is pronounced "guh-NEW".)


So even though my teacher calls it "G"-"N"-"U", he's wrong :)


My only exception is gnome, which I pronounce like the dictionary, nome with a silent g. Don't know why, maybe because it's a real word and was before the desktop!


Other than that, for me it's guh-rip, therefore grip; guh-imp, therefore gimp, etc.

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