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Solution to Missing Screensaver list in KDE in Mandrake 9.0


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It seems that there is a bug in menudrake in mandrake 9.0. Whenever I run the sucker and edit my menu, the screensaver listing in KDE control panel is empty. I found a quick and dirty solution for this problem (until a cleaner one like updated packages are found at least).


1. Copy all the files located in /usr/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/

to ~/.kde/share/applnk-mdk/.hidden/ScreenSavers/ (you may need to su to root in order to do this, the ~/ is basically /home/<user>/ )


2. You may need to change the owner of the files located in the /home/<user>/<blahblahblah> directory to the user from root.


3. Restart KDE.


4. The Screensaver listing should be back.


I am not sure where to put this solution, whether it is in hardware or tips and tricks. I also posted the same solution back to the old board. Hope people that have problems with this are helped.

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