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Firefox 3 Download Record...


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If you got it from Mozilla's site, yeah :)


I'm sure Ubuntu 8.04 will move from beta 3 to final release sometime soon in their apt package.

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According to wiki.mozilla.org

The en-US site is already completed/passed.


However Firefox is unable to verify the identity of this site certificate, and whois shows No match for "AUTHSTAGE.MOZILLA.COM". I should also note that the other authstage.mozilla URL links on the wiki appear to have the same certificate.


That said, you can get it here: authstage.mozilla.com


If you trust it? :P

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Thanks Greg, I also got the one directly from the Mozilla site just in case.

I plan to keep them for friends who use may not be using the Fox at the moment.

I plan to wait for the Mandriva version which I expect will be in the not too distant future. :D


Cheers. John.

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There was no old record, this is setting the record.


Have a look at that map though, it tells a very interesting story about technology adoption around the world.


Notice how blank africa is. And just for curiosity, North Korea had 0 when I last checked an hour ago.

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