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my games are missing in KDE


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So I installed a few game packages, most notably a few emulators and the kdegames package, but the ONLY thing that pops up under the Kmenu -> Games is Zsnes!! NONE of the KDE games show up and the other emulators (Gens, Visualboy, etc) aren't there...they're (for some reason) under Kmenu -> Tools -> Emulators (along with another link to Zsnes). I've gone to the Mandriva Control Center to verify that the packages are installed, and they are. Is there some reason why they wouldn't show up under Kmenu -> Games and how can i fix this?




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Zsnes is an emulator of a Nintendo game, VisualBoy is an emulator of Game Boy. If you want these to show up somewhere else in your menu, use your 'Menu Editor' to relocate them to your game section.


What KDE games do not show up?

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