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boot-checkdisk-number of times

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Where do I go to change the number of times a partition will be checked?

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Are you asking how set up the number of boots before the system does a file system check?


First place that comes to mind in the fstab file. The dump-freq and pass-num entries.


What type of file system is it?


If its a ext3 -


tune2fs is an utility that you can use to change both the number of bootups between filesystem checks, and the number of days/weeks/months between filesystem checks.


For example to have the filesystem checked once every 60 bootups use

$sudo tune2fs -c 60


To have the filesystem check run periodically, say once a week, use

$sudo tune2fs -i 1w

changing the “w†to “d†or “m†will have the check run once daily and once monthly - you get the idea.


As always, you can read

$man tune2fs

for more detailed information and examples.


Found here:


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