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TFT Monitor flickers with new nVIDIA video card

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Hi, yesterday I bought a new video card - GB N62256DP2-RH/6200/256MB/AGP

I replaced the old one and started the Mandriva (cooker). Everything went well. The res of the monitor became 1680x1050 (before with old card I manged only to reach 1600x1000 resolution). But suddenly the monitor start to flicker. It flicker more often when I move a window or scroll down or up something. I didn't managed to try with the driver downloaded from the nVIDIA site, there was some problem with kernel source (version.h). But with rpm packages, it is happens all the time. Also I saw that this happens even with nv driver.


Can you help me what to try, how to remove this problem. What is wrong?


P.S. Under Windows XP, there is no such problem.


P.P.S. Sorry, last night I found out that under Windows XP exists this problem too. So, I have to return the video card to the seller.


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