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How about trying to spin this round?

There are some good ideas buzzing around here and clearly enthusiasm (maybe boredom too) - how about applying it slightly differently? I'm not saying give up the idea of a new forum, but I reckon a new forum would need something specific to make it stand out, not just another forum about everything linuxy. The other general, everything-linuxy forums already have users, a wealth of stored posts to search through, maybe a wiki, a bunch of admins, so competing with that is tricky unless you have something to make the new one stand out. Having some kind of focus would also deflect any criticism that it's overlapping mub too much.


Here at MUB we've got an established forum, a bunch of (mostly) cool users, admins, a boatload of useful old posts, an (underused) wiki, why not try to expand it? Building up is easier than starting something fresh.


OK, so we've got the idea of a video tutorial section to a forum - well why not a video tutorial section to MUB? We've already had youtube links in soiyr, if people want to make these vids, discuss them, chat about them, why not?

A section about software reviews? Sure, why not? A section about educational or scientific software - go for it!


For those who want to practice their writing talents, how about posting their own reviews / write-ups / how-tos? Interviews with developers of linux software (eg K3b, Digikam, Ulteo?) Want to write a how-to on photo-geolocalization, or panorama-stitching, or music transcoding? A biweekly column ranting about compilation errors and compiz bugs?

For non-authors, create some cool graphics, themes or skins? Translate some FLOSS-text? Coordinate a new GPL'd app? Help out with Mandriva / Gentoo / some live distro?


There are lots of ways you can contribute, do something creative, stimulate other people to be creative, drive a new project, without just creating yet another linux forum. Don't start from a url and try to think what to do with it, think what you're interested in and what you can contribute to and how you can stimulate other people to contribute too.


Just my 2 cents.

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Wow...I miss a page of this thread and suddenly mysti is considering resigning and apparently some people have a problem with her starting her own project? :screwy:


Come on! I may have been critical of the idea, but I certainly would never think she was doing it to pull people away from this board, or that she would ever do anything to harm this board. Nor would I suggest that she shouldn't do something she wants to do!

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Maybe I'll give it a day or two to thinks things over.


best idea. ever.


and i don't think you are the cowardly type to slink away from challenges.



as for hurting this board? really? i havent noticed that. i miss some of the old names but regardless of the reason they just went on with their lives. that doesn't hurt the board. bickering is a natural human habit that can be amplified by distance and cultural differences. it can healthy too as long as you don't let yourself get too emotionally attached (or at least know when to stop and step back to evaluate things).


do di du di daa di du....


/* cue rolling typewriter in skates */


this unsolicited advice is brought to you by the letter 'H' and and number 3.


/* cue typewriter in skates rolling out of the screen */


it is so much fun to ramble... :lol2:



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I've decded I'm going to keep the board open but remove the link to it and not discuss it on this board. That way I can't be accusised of trying to steal the community again.


Edit: after further comments I'm going to leave my link of http://www.distrostop.org We are not officially affiliated with MUB but if you have anything helpful suggestions for our site your more than welcome to check us out.

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I just don't get it, why some people think you steal people from this board. I am signed to both boards, and I'm going to visit both, so what is the problem some people have ?


Why make a popularity contest out of everything ?


The fact that I like Porsches does not mean that I can't like Corvettes, too (yes I know these car-analogies suck :D )


I think that both boards could even benefit from each other, someone stumbles over on of them, likes it, sees the link to the other board and visits it, too, is this so implausible for some ? :wacko:

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I whole heartedly like the concept. I have an smf forum myself, and probably overdid it. As to the Linux part of my forum, I broke it down (as far as distros go) into 3 categories. RPM based, Deb based, and Source based.


I do think that more needs to be added. There is more to Linux than just FAQ's and tutorials or how-to's. Another part of contributing to Linux, in which I am new to, is programming. I personally, would love to see that added. Then I can bombard y'all with programming questions. ;)


Becarefull with the audio/video and flash in smf. Smf warns against this as a security risk. If you do allow it, may I suggest that it be moderated at first, till it's security can be verified. You may also want to take extra precautions in securing the board itself from vulnerabilities due to these. Just some thoughts.

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