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Converting Bittorrent downloads to use in mldonkey


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I have just set up Mldonkey to use Bittorrent, and I would like to take my partial downloads and finish them using the mldonkey engine. Does anyone know how to do it? mldonkey is putting the temp files in /var/cache/mldonkey, but it is using names like BT-HSP3WURLIRJV7CSOGVZDUCRZWBOJL73S for the files. Renaming the original to the mldonkey name doesn't seem to work.


I would try the mldonkey forums, but they seem to be down now :-(.





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R U defiantly decided on mldonkey? I would recommend edonkey more. I had better results anyway, plus those building this network they both use try to find ways to ban mldonkey users.


Anyway, I am not sure if those two are compatible, especially seeing the filenames are totally different. Wouldn't hurt to try edonkey too, and see if it will pick up on your partial files. Or try running both at same time, at least till the partials complete.


You can download the client and core controller (use the c controller)


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The main reason why I liked mldonkey was because of it's ability to use multiple protocalls and control the bandwith for all of them in one location (I have a very asymetical DSL line, so I like to try to save some upload capacity for web browsing, etc). But why would some clients ban others? Did I miss some politics?


Also, are you saying that I can take a bittorrent file, and finish it with the edonkey network? That would be really cool :-)





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I am not familiar with bittorrent, but I do believe the files are hashed the same way as with either donkey client, so I do believe something should work. I am just suggesting its worth a shot to try a few clients and see which works better for you. It's been a while since I used mldonkey, but I think they use the same servers as edonkey, or emule (windows only at this time) and they all offer a way to control your bandwidth too.


The mldonkey v/s edonkey thing is coming from things I read on other forums/sites such as this one:


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