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Guest rakeshusenet

mac80211 - 10.0.4 - Kernel -

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Guest rakeshusenet

Hi -

I am trying to build the mac80211 system on my Mandirva 2008 package.

Kernel -


# uname -a

Linux localhost #1 Tue Nov 27 03:30:42 EST 2007 i686

Genuine Intel® CPU T2060 @ 1.60GHz GNU/Linux


I am looking at the instructions available here -


http://intellinuxwireless.org/?p=mac80211&...=HOWTO-mac80211 .


After running make on 10.0.4 version of mac80211 - this is what I get

on the console.


----patch failure output-----

patching file net/mac80211/ieee80211.c

Hunk #1 FAILED at 2817.

Hunk #2 FAILED at 2838.

Hunk #3 FAILED at 2890.

Hunk #4 FAILED at 2975.

Hunk #5 FAILED at 2990.

Hunk #6 FAILED at 3003.

Hunk #7 FAILED at 3019.

7 out of 7 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file net/mac80211/ieee80211.c.rej


pending/0033-mac80211-fix-a-msdu-header.patch failed. Terminating.

If patch or script failed, check pre/ and post/ for current stage.

make: *** [modified] Error 1



Can somebody let me know what I am missing here.

Thanks for the help.

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Are you sure it doesn't already exist within the kernel already? Check your /boot/config-xxxxxxx where xxxxxx is the kernel version you are running now, like this:


cat /boot/config-xxxxxx | grep -i mac | grep 802


You should get some results similar to this:


# CONFIG_MAC80211_LEDS is not set
# CONFIG_MAC80211_DEBUGFS is not set
# CONFIG_MAC80211_DEBUG is not set


as you can see, mine has it as a module so all it would take to use it is to modprobe the module name:


modprobe mac80211


I'm not using Mandriva, but I would expect Mandriva to already have this within the kernel.

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