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Opera 7.11 Final for Linux is now available


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From opera.linux newsgroup as of Monday, May 19th..


Hi all,


Opera 7.11 final for Linux (intel and PPC) is now available.


Download at:




Please discuss this release in the opera.linux news group or opera-linux

mail list before submitting bugs to our BTS (Bug Tracking System).


When you start a thread on opera.linux news group or opera-linux mail list

please do not reply to this message. Instead: Write a subject line that

tells what you want to talk about. That way it is much simpler to keep

track of everything.



Changelog (for entire 7.11 release)





Changelog (since beta 2)


- Fixed a problem when opening many pages on startup when in

  offline mode. Each OK press would toggle the online/offline state.

- Added WM_CLASS property to javascript console

- Do not reset checkbox settings when closing the "Edit keyboard setup"

  or "Edit mouse setup" dialog boxes.

- Support for configurable fonts in menubar and menus, dialogs, toolbars,

  panels (hotlist) and E-Mail compose font

- Let gestures work also right after a page has been opened from a menu

- Do not loose mouse selection when opening file selector dialog box

- Fixed a "delete-active-contact" crash failure.

- Let newlines in postal-addresses in contacts be saved and parsed

  correctly so that the information is not lost.

- Paste fix in multi line edit. The cursor would not move to the

  end of the inserted text.

- Modified mid-click behavior to better match what was done 6.x

- Fixed the dropdown control so that a mouse click on the "down"

  arrow of the control will not open the dropdown window if it

  is already visible.

- "Open" from right-click menu in document would open link but Opera

  would not allow to go back to the original page without a reload

- DnD, right-click menu and midclick activation of a link ignored anchors

  in urls.

- Fixed redraw problems in documents with frames (occurred when changing zoom factor)

- Automatic detection for OPERA_FORCE_JAVA_ENABLED






Espen Sand


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Guest smoketoomuch

I've been using it since Monday ... so far so good. Occasionally it has the CPU running at 100% for a few seconds, but that's just it - its a small glitch, compared to what it has to offer. I love mouse gestures... yeah I tried optimoz version(s), but for some reason, it didn't quite work the way it should in Mozilla. In Opera it is perfect. Page rendering is lightning fast, but there are some problems with Java still. To tell the truth, I know of only one such page, (cannot link it for its an sms sending page, full of java applets, and I borrowed my friends password and login name to test it) and that page works only in IE and Mozilla - nothing else I tried could render it correctly.


Anyhow, I think its great software. Small size, small memory footprint, very fast, good features, nice UI - check out Sofa King skin - customizable ... what else can I say? Try it out.

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Guest fubar::chi
Moved to everything linux, thanks for the pointer evil son!  :twisted:
wouldn't that be evil grandson or am i getting my mub heritage mixed up.
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steering this back to the state of on-topicness, does anyone know how to configure the "my link style" feature? in the 6.x series i always configure my links not visited on the last two hours to show as new links (not visited ones).



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