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Guest BabaG

multiple mdv samba boxes and one xp client

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Guest BabaG

i've seen the reverse of this dscussed but not this scenario.


i have several older boxes set up running mandriva 2007.1. i set them up to perform repetitive tasks like cropping photos (i'm shooting timelapse images). each box has samba running on it. the boxes are named 'processing-01', 'processing-02', etc through 06.


when i try to log on through xp, where the timelapse frames are captured, i can only see one of the mdv samba boxes, lister as 'samba (version x.x.x).' if i click on this listing and log on with one of the box names, like 'processing-01', it's ok. if i then try to log on again, with the next box name, like 'processing-02,' i get and error:


Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, not allowed.


how do i set things up so i can get into all of the mdv boxes from xp?


fwiw, i also have a macpro in this system and it has no problem at all getting into all six of the mdv boxes at the same time. there's just a 'connect to server' menu in which i enter the ip for the box i want and it asks for the password and connects me.


i've seen something similar to this discussed where multiple users on an xp box try to get into a single samba server but have yet to run into this, where there are multiple samba boxes and a single xp user entering multiple user names (one for each of the samba boxes).




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