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Printing from 2008


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A couple of weeks ago, the printer started churning out garbage. Since then I can't get it to print from 2008. I have tried to reinstall both CUPS and HPLIJS. I received essentially the same message from both, i.e. "Cannot install...." Same happens from Control Panel and Configure. On trying to reinstall from Update, I got the message that some dependencies were unsatisfied, but the files named were not listed anywhere I could find.


Reinstalling the system does not work.


The printer itself (HP920c) works fine from Windows Vista on the same machine and as a network printer from a machine running XP.






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I have tried to reinstall both CUPS and HPLIJS.


Did you remove cups first? Did you remove the driver first? Did you use Install software through MCC to preform the installs and removals?


I would also like to know if you have any or all of the cups packages still installed. To find out, go to MCC, Software Management, and do a search for cups. Post back all cups packages it shows as installed.


What repos do you have set up? Could you list them?


From Linuxprinting,org that appears to be the correct driver for your printer. Since it did work at one point, it must be.


Have you looked at the web interface for cups to display the configuration? To do so, open a web browser, and in the location bar enter;


http://localhost:631 This will bring up the web interface for installing, configuring, and managing your printer. I know Mandriva gives you other ways to do the same thing, this one is consistent across all distros.


Post back what you find.

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