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Strange dialogue window appears in PCLinuxOS 2007

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Hi all.


Today I switched from Mandriva 2008 KDE to PCLinuxOS 2007.


Everything seems to be okay, except for a strange dialogue window that appears every time I click an icon.


This happened on the LiveCD as well as the installed system.



I've attached a screenshot.



Does anyone know what this is?


Please help me.


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It's a warning man. Your CPU is overheating. You should definitely check to see what services/servers PCLinuxOS has running all the time. If it's not something that's OS-based (as you suggest), it could be that Mandriva just wan't reporting the kernel msg. You may want to check too see if cooling fans are working then clean them. You may also need to check to see if heatsinks are in place, etc.


The modulated freq. component is just saying that your CPU is using a built-in safety to slow itself down to prevent heat damage to itself.


Good luck,



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