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Do I need to configure a USB mouse? [solved]


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You might want to check out the type of surface you're using it on.

I should start worrying about my speed typing, too :D. I use the mouse on a special mouse pad for optical mice.


Now I do recall that when I first started using this mousepad, I did noticed the cursor jumping to another corner of the screen for no reason once in a while. However, scrolling was never affected, that's why I did not even think that the surface could be an issue.

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I know you'd have thought with the mouse being optical any surface (except glass) would be suitable. It kinda reminds me of what they said about CDs when they first appeared. Apparently you could cover the surface with hand prints or even with jam and they would still work properly...er...no. :D

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I have been using an optical mouse for several years. When I first started with it, I didn't have any pad under the mouse. Behavior was sporadic and never really sure where it was going to go. Put a pad of plain white paper under it and no more problems. I think it needs a light colored surface to reflect the light into the receiver for accuracy.


Just thought I'd throw my 2 bits in.


Good Luck.




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