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Guest ryk

bt878 tv card and nvidia

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Guest ryk


I have a Leadtek winfast 2000 tv card (bt878 chipset). With older releases it worked fine (e.g. mandake 9.2). I haven't used it for a long time. I put it on an old machine (PIII 500, 256 mb, geforce 2MX) just to see tv. I downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers from www.nvidia.com, built the modules but nor xawtv, tvtime, or zapping works, they give me this (as root):


This is xawtv-3.95, running on Linux/i686 (

xinerama 0: 1024x768+0+0

X Error of failed request: XF86DGANoDirectVideoMode

Major opcode of failed request: 138 (XFree86-DGA)

Minor opcode of failed request: 1 (XF86DGAGetVideoLL)

Serial number of failed request: 69

Current serial number in output stream: 69


I' ve tried many drivers, got any ideas?

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Welcome to these forums!


Although I can't tell the details, I think your issue is related to the xorg.conf file, either in the "Module" section, or to the options of your video driver in the related "Device" section.



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How exactly did you have the card working, Im pullling my hair out of my head because Im not getting any signal. When you had it working in 9.2, what did you have for modprobe.conf and what settings did you use to make it work?

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Guest jl-

This happens to be the first forum i scored on a bt878 search. Here is a partial answer to THE problem:

There are a number of problems since a bt878 driver change


They check for a limit on the number of cards installed, whereas before they checked for the end of the card list, *AN*D* there is where things went bad. the end of the list was marked by {0,-1,NULL} So, our cards which have no rom, have no id on the card list, but they matched the end.. and things worked.

If you add that entry to the card list in bt878.c, and make modules, make modules_install, and reload bt878, loading will be successful.

card [00 -1 NULL] will do DVB


2/ further down the food chain something else has been "fixed" I have not found what it is. I cant get any alsa devices.


X: if you have an ACPI irq error, kill ACPI on the boot line acpi=off


Now you will get as far as loading all modules without errors in dmesg or /var/log/messages.


My card is marked vendor 0x109e device 0x0878 class 0x048000 I bought it last week.

I was using stock frugalware, 2.6.22, and I built to see if things have been fixed. --nope--


I also have a saa7134 card, and it works ( after you guess the card= and tuner= ) without all the convoluted mess that the bt stuff has become. I might just sell it and never make that mistake again. It might pay to look at saa7134-alsa and see if that code can be made to fit bt cards.


I hope that helps.

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Thank you very much for sharing! TV cards are a pain to setup.



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Guest jl-

The other half of the mystery :

the bt guys and gals have been adding dvb to the bt* drivers. and that could be what is further down the food chain. I have sound.




note the bit about udev rules, and adding a script if you dont already have it/them


I also added mps3400 standard=64 for just in case it was needed. I live in a PAL zone 32 is for NTSC


I unloaded all the bt modules and reloaded them with a script, in this order, which may or may not be important



msp3400 standard=64


bttv card=70 tuner=44 radio=1







( added that because I searched for bt878 solved ) (no point in finding anything not solved)

you are the first to know

aside: if you want a good guide as to which card you have : check the bttv gallery


end of message

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Guest DolceVii

:tux:RTFM! is simpe! :deal:


Don't write anything in to modprobe.conf file - Don't make script :o


First just search for your TV card TV tuner model (My card is Pinnacle PCTV Sudio Pro - PAL/SECAM multi FM1216ME and I live in Greece so PAL_BG) and...







System Tools

Configure your Computer

Choose Hardware

Choose Tvcard

Choose Bt878 card and tuner (is the same)

Click run config tool

Choose your card and tuner

Click ok






Login and... that's all :woot:


Open Kdetv


so simple! :lol:


so easy! :rolleyes:





Κόμβος: ap.faros.awn

SSID: -=AWN::ap.faros=-


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