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Burning iso.....?


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Well I hope I`m in right direction.

My Q. is some one please can explain me how to burn iso on a cd-r and cd-rw.


Tnx for everyone be so kind and helping me out.


Ciao Mandrake-user :cry:

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Guest Joentje

cdrecord -scanbus


Show where you're cdwriter is. This only works for scsi or atapi scsi emulation. Don't know exactly how it works for atapi burners.


cdrecord dev=0,1,0 image.iso


This works for me. Or try X-Cdroast or K3B or one of the other grafical tools. I always burn from the commandline. It's more practical for me.

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I entered the following in a Google search. I'm assuming that you are probably coming from Windows, or that you may have Windows on your box.


Anyway, my search results were from typing:


"burn iso with Roxio Easy CD Creator"






It all depends on your software. You may have Nero. If you are in linux, then try:




I hope these will help you. If not, remember you have to maybe purchase software (if you're in Windows) to burn iso images.




Richard L.

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K3B is said to be the best and most user friendly burning software for Linux. However, only as long as you insert a new cd evreytime you burn a 'project'.

On cd's with data on it K3B refuses to burn and continues to show popups with the meaage error 254)

Anyone familiar with this?

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