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Does anyone here remember this?


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There must be someone out there who read that post when it first appeared? Maybe they are all on the Slackware forum?
I don't know who first read the post, but it seems this person Jyrki Kuoppala was the first to respond! :)
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I turned 12 that year and, if I remember correctly, still spent most of my time on a 8-bit Famicom playing Goonies, Super Mario Brothers, TMNT and a bunch of other great games. That was right after primarily using my dad's old XT and then 286 to play games on and before I got my 386 SX which would last me a looooong time thereafter and a Sega Mega Drive (genesis).


Back then all I cared about was games. Couldn't care less about other things computers could be used for :P



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