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wireless roaming + suspend to RAM


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Ok, I now have 2008.0 on my Thinkpad and am learning my way around my first Mandriva (all previous distros were Mandrake :-). This time around I would like to try using Mandriva/KDE GUIs as much as I can, and one problem I have is this...


At work the laptop is connected to network via the ethernet connection, and at home I use wireless. There are WiFi access points at work too, and the network applet (the one in the system tray) picked them too. After spending the laptop at work (suspend to RAM), and resuming it at home, I found the list of work WiFi networks in the system tray, but my home WiFi was no longer on the list (it does not broadcast SSID). I had to configure it over again and even reboot to get things work (I could have shutdown the laptop if I new I would have to reboot :annoyed:). The config scripts new all the parameters but I still had to go through the dialogs.


Sure I could simply ifdown wlan0, edit ifcfg-wlan0 and then ifup wlan0, but I wanted to see how the scripts can handle this, and frankly I am a bit confused 'cause I did not find this option in Mandriva/KDE. Windows at least has a list of preferred networks, and when you are near one of them, Windows hooks up to it automatically. Is there a similar option in Mandriva? It looks to me as this is the problem with the particular net applett. Are there any other I could use? Having a list of preferred networks seems to be a most natural thing to have.

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