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dlink-520 airplus

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im trying to set up a wireless network pci card i just got given on my mandriva box. im using powerpack edition 2008 with a belkin router.

when i try the wireless set up in configure your computer it tells me to use the windows driver (which i had to downl;oad) with ndiswrapper?

when i try this i get this error

Some components (firmware) are required but aren't available for ndiswrapper hardware. Firmware files are required for this device.


The required files can also be installed from this URL:



i dont understand this as i updated ndiswrapper through install software?

did a google for linux drivers for this card and was told to get the following driver


unpacked it through konsole and cd into file and cant get any further as it says no such file or directory when i type ./configure

read the readme file in the folder and its so confusing i thought i was working for NASA


any help here with simplified instructions please :wall:

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1. You have ndiswrapper, but you don't have the card firmware, which you must fetch. Not that difficult to understand.


2.Lets try to fly that space shuttle. The README file says:

Build instructions:

* Create drivers/net/wireless/acx subdirectory inside
 your kernel tree.
* BTW, if your kernel has drivers/net/wireless/tiacx directory,
 you already may have acx driver (some different version).
 Decide which one do you want.
* Unpack tarball into drivers/net/wireless/acx directory.
* Add a line to drivers/net/wireless/Makefile:
obj-m += acx/
* Build your modules as usual (perhaps "make modules modules_install").

This will create acx module.

Remove "acx-obj-y += usb.o" line in Makefile
and "#define CONFIG_ACX_USB 1" line in acx_config.h
if you want PCI-only driver. Ditto for USB-only one.


So, let's start from step one: Do you know where your kernel tree is?

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Guest xkronix

i had simular problem but downloaded the drivers from in windows, put them on my usb stick and booted up linux again. my problem now is that i'm not sure how to configure the settings, such as how to use encryption codes etc. network manager is picking up my wireless router and signal is full strength but it's not connecting to the net.

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