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problems w/phpwebsite


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ok, i've tried both downloading the "source" (tar.gz) file and installing that, and also doing the command line:

lynx -source http://phpwebsite.appstate.edu/install | sh

and i get this error when i attempt to access <web address>/admin/ to set things up:

Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 0 is not allowed to access /var/www/html/conf owned by uid 72 in /var/www/html/index.php on line 136

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/html/index.php:136) in /var/www/html/index.php on line 141

After checking file permissions, I see that the conf dir is owned by apache, but this is intended. changing it to root allows me to do certain things, but I still run into other issues which I think may all come from this one point. anyone out there work w/phpwebsite and get past this point successfully? *looks in the direction of paul*

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i did this:

sh setup/NONROOT_secure_phpws.sh setup

because you have to choose either setup or run, and from the instructions I want setup.


I got this:



Note: This script is for those without root access to their web servers.

If you have root access, use the other script. It is more secure.


chmod: failed to get attributes of `*.sh': No such file or directory

chmod: failed to get attributes of `../conf/': No such file or directory

chmod: failed to get attributes of `../images/': No such file or directory

chmod: failed to get attributes of `../files/': No such file or directory

Permissions set! Ready to run phpwebsite setup!


doesn't seem quite right. now, i tried running NONROOT_secure_phpws.sh from withing the setup directory, but I still am having issues. I'm half tempted to just give up.

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Thank goodness.. I thought it was just me who cannot install this program. If I did it as root at least I can go to the menu but it doesn't want to save. If I did it as user, it has that same permission problem.


Too bad though, since I wanted this one better than phpnuke. It seems to be better organized.

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well untarred the phpwebsite .tar.gz then I created the db then I run the NON_ROOT setup script from within the phpws dir and it worked .....

do those directories exist?

maybe you haven't un tarred in the correct place or something

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untarred everything into /var/www/html


even if i manually modify and create all the directories, in the end when i try to open index.php it sets there for a while and eventually tells me the document contains no data.

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Add another user that can't get this to run.


Have apache, mysql, php, all up and running fine with other sites.

Have untarred the files in /var/www/html/mub/

Have installed php-pear.

Tried running both scripts mentioned here.


I am thinking maybe something else needs to be installed (like mod_pear or something) or a line needs to be added/changed to php.ini. I got half way through searching the forum at sourceforge went they went down for maintenance today.


My problem is I can't connect to database after filling in the config setup page. I have setup a new mysql database using webmin.


Any ideas here?

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WooHOO, I finally got this to run. After searching for ideas on a sourceforge bb, here's what I did. Remember that I already had apache 2.0.44, mysql 4.0.11a, php 4.3.1, and webmin successfully running on my machine.


1. Untar file phpwebsite-0.9.1-full.tar.gz archive into your web directory (Ex: /var/www/html/mub2) (I use subfolders to separate each website at my IP).


2. Create new mysql database using webmin (without any data or tables). (I named this "mub2")


3. Copy /docs/sample.config.php to /conf/config.php and edit for your setup. My config has these lines (exactly as shown):

	$dbversion = "mysql";

$dbhost    = "localhost";      /* Database Host */

$dbuser    = "root";  /* Database User Name*/

$dbpass    = "";  /* Database Password */

$dbname    = "mub2";     /* Database Name */

// $table_prefix = "phpws_";

$source_http = "";

$source_dir = "/var/www/html/mub2/";


4. Set permissions for all files to "777"

cd /var/www/html

chmod 777 -R ./mub2


5. Hopefully you can now access your new phpwebsite in a browser and it will ask you to set up your admin's user account.


6. Set permissions again for a more secure site by running script in /setup.

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