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How to use internet on Windows machine from Linux

Zdravko Nedic

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Hello everybody, first to say that I like this forum very much, and that I'm new to Linux, but with a lot Windows experience.


My problem is as follows:

I have windows desktop machine ( connected via cross cable to laptop with Mandriva 2008 ( I have ADSL modem on desktop machine, so only my Windows machine is capable of going to internet (for now :) at least). I tried to share my ADSL connection so I can access internet via LAN from Linux laptop.


I set my connection to be shared by proper LAN, and my Linux sees (and pings) my Windows desktop (I can share files from Win to Linux). In Linux I entered following parameters in network center:

IP Address:




DNS server 1 is set to


How can I make this work? Some friends mentioned some DHCP and DNS settings, but it is pretty advanced to me in Linux, and not so clear in Windows too.


Thanx you guys!

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I'm no expert, but here are my two cents. Is the ADSL modem an internal PCI type or is it an external box? It may well be a different IP address than the one for the win PC you are stating in your configuration (Gateway Are you sure your gateway is the other PC's IP address?


And welcome to the forum! :)

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I have ADSL usb modem, Conexant AccessRunner. I read on net that windows ICS is acting as DHCP so I set Mandriva to obtain IP automaticaly, which worked, but internet is still down.


I did not understand your question about gateway? I thought that computer connected to internet and acting as router to outer world should always (in practice) have and therefore is gateway. Correct me if I'm wrong...

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