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MCNL Web Server


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After teaching a class in networking where I had run a custom designed, forms-based self-assessment system, running through a web interface and backed into a MySQL database, I had a need to present this data to "the powers" above me.


I looked at various options and settled on the live-cd as a means of presenting this data. But found that what was available didn't suit my requirements. In my search for solutions, I came across MCNLive and, although it didn't have any of the applications I needed for my particular purposes, it was the perfect base on which to build what I needed.


After :wall: trying to (unsuccessfully) get the Apache server working properly, I switched tactics and went for a 3rd party solution with XAMPP. This solved my problem and allowed me to continue to create what I needed.


I have to give full credit to chris b. for her work on these scripts and I also acknowledge bookie and mindwave for their work in getting the scripts to work from an installed Mandriva Linux (yes bookie, I was wrong, those notes you sent turned out to be very helpful after all ;) ).


So, in the true spirit of the open source community, I present Fido-X Web, a totally new live web server/development environment combining Mandriva Linux, XAMPP and MCNLive scripts.


This is still under development, and the documentation is incomplete (I'm still writing it) but, it works! I'm making it available so that I can continue to develop this project.


You can get it at http://www.fido-x.net/.


Let me know what you think of it. Let me know what it needs. Available in English only, but other languages could probably be included in a later release.


Regards, Phydeaux.

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