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Just installed Yoper Linux but...

Guest greeneggs

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Guest greeneggs

I just installed Yoper Linux which has been in the 1# spot on distrowatch for months. It installed easy but I ran into a lot of problems so I scrapped it. Debian is too outdated. RedHat is too commercial. Mandrake has that...er...well "greeneggs" bug. Slackware would'nt install. Etc.


What's a guy to do?.


Of all the distros I've ever used (and I've tried a lot of them - even Lycoris), my favorite is Mandrake. That's what I started out with (v8.2) and it's the best as far as I'm concerned. I just wish I could use it but I'm STILL having that annoying problem and hav'nt been able to figure it out even though I've gotten a lot of help and have tried just about everything.


Anyway, I'm now unhappily, "Linux-less" :(

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"greeneggs" bug


I really thought it was gonna work there a while back. :cry:


I thougth you got redhat up and running ? This mean nothing really is installing then?


Seeing your determination to get something going, makes me want to solve this "greeneggs bug" all the more, but remember, I am only a noobie too.


Question 1: Have we set up our bios correctly?

PnP OS installed<NO>

Shadow Video Bios <No>

Boot virus protection <No>

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[echo] did somebody here somethig? [echo] yes! it's bvc saying


service dm start


chkconfig dm on (and reboot)


We never got the result of that. Yes we did Xtart but it's not nearly the same....and xdm?....totally tied to (part of) X11, so if it could have been found....????


but what do I know? :P

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Guest greeneggs
You could alway do the debian apt-get dist-upgrade unstable(or whatever it is) command and have the new stuff :wink:


Well, I was thinking about maybe installing Debian again because I had success with it the last few times I tried it. The only thing is, I might need some help with the apt-get thing when it comes to upgrading to the newer version of KDE and/or Gnome. Would you be able to help me out with that if I installed Debian?


Also, I'm not sure what you wanted me to try earlier with those commands (the ones you said you never got the results on). I've used Linux for awhile but I'm not to sharp when it comes to using the command line. Could you please explain "in noob language" exactly (step-by-step) what you would like me to do and I'll either install MDK 9.1 again -or- just go with Debian and try to upgrade to the new KDE/Gnome.


PS: I've always chosen "reiserfs" in the past. Would choosing "Ext3" this time solve the problem possably?


rcxau: Never tried Suse before but they don't have ISO's and I don't currently have any CD's of Suse I can use at the moment.


Scoopy: BIOS is set up correctly. Most of the distros I've installed have worked (with some exceptions) but I really want to get MDK working. MDK 9.1 was the first distro where (at least for a few days) everything was working perfectly and I was able to get lots of games and other programs working with no problem at all. It's also just beautiful to look at and has a lot of goodies to play with :D .



Thank's people

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it's actually pretty easy to get the unstable debian going. go to your apt sources file and add lines for unstable (I simply duplicated the stable lines and changed to unstable). then just use apt-get or synaptic for upgrade. I have both mdk 9.1 and debian. debian unstable has kde 3.1.1 and all the rest of the newest. i prefer to use mdk. i also just use reiser and have a few partitions i share between mdk and debian. but as i said i prefer mdk and haven't used debian for a couple of weeks.

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Guest fubar::chi

from my limited experience with debian i can definitely provide some help with installing software (nothing else though :) )

and ... would you look at that, i have ahundred posts now. how'd that happen? :twisted:

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Of all the Debian distros that I have read about in e-zines and magazines, Libranet is the "cutting edge" of debian distros. In a few weeks version 2.8 will be out with KDE 3.1 and Gnome 2.2.


It has an excellent reputation and stays more up to date than any other Debian distro. On the other hand, they test it very, very carefully before they come out with the next version. That's why they are about 8 weeks or so behind Mandrake 9.1, Red Hat 9 (shrike), and SuSe 8.2. They really want to iron out the bugs before they bring it out.


Be on the watch for it! It should be out in late April or May. I can't wait to have it side-by-side with Mandrake 9.1 on my laptop (it will replace MDK 9.0).

It will be great to learn "Apt" and continue learning Mandrake.


I've always found Mandrake buggy for me. But I love it, particularly because of the large user base and how they are friendly and helpful to one another.


Anyway, on my desktop I have Xandros and Red Hat 8.0 because Mandrake 9.0 wouldn't recognize my CD Rom drive to install. And 8.2 on my second hard drive turned out to be a really buggy disaster!!


I'm really happy to have Mandrake 9.1 on my laptop, in spite of its bugs.


So for me it's MDK 9.1 and soon Libranet 2.8 all the way!!!


Richard L.

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