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Setting up a wireless internet connection


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I have successfully set up Mandriva One 2008 and desperatley want the internet on it. I have fiddled around with the network configuration and it won't connect to my Belkin Wireless router (which is connected to my other computer). I am using the Belkin USB wireless adapter which is working because it is picking up my access point. The access point is secured with WPA-TSK encryption. When i setup the connecton it asks for the IP address. What IP is it asking for? My host computer IP or the computer with Mandriva IP?


Please can someone give me a brief step by step guide on how to setup the internet?





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you either could give it an IP that is in the same range as the others, or if your Wireless router has dhcp enabled just let it configure it automatically.




router has


other computer has


Mandriva Box:


that should work


(don't forget to tell your Mandriva box, the IP of your Gateway and your DNS-Server, these "services" are propably managed by your router, so in the shown case both would be


just a question, have you MAC-filtering enabled on your router ? then you should allow the MAC-Adress of you Wireless-USB-Stick to connect to the router (must be configured on your router).

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The IP address it is asking for is one to assign to the computer and the wireless card within it, so that it can communicate across the network. If you checked the wireless access point/router and you have DHCP, then using this is much better.


You can sometimes have a few options for WPA-PSK which can allow standard WPA encryption with TKIP or WPA2 encryption with AES.

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