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How do I save to USB outside of loop?

Guest BigDez

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Linux newbie, I am using a scandisk 4 gb USB and love it. I have used the max loop image of 2GB which is fine, but I can't save files like kwrite, etc to the USB. I have over a 1.4 of free space but it says.


Not possible to save to file:///mnt/win_d/testfile

I created a folder on the USB by logging in as root using Konqueror with these commands


xhost +

su -

konqueror &


but I couldn't give "guest" permissions after creating the folder. Obviously something I am doing wrong and could use your help.



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sounds to me (and i am n00b) that you need to either change permissions of that directory so anybody can use it or create the directory as guest.


su and give root password, then do: chmod -R 0777 /mnt/win_d/


that should do it, if it doesnt then you can change the ownership of the directory.


su and give password, then do: chown -R guest:guest /mnt/win_d


if the first one fails, try the second, if the second fails, see if you cant just open a kinqueror window and create the directory as user or as guest or as the defualt login person. then if all of that fails then i would guess that there is something else thats beyond me (again, i am n00b).


good luck

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I would suggest that the problem lies in the fact that you are working with a read-only file system, both on your USB (where you have your running live distro) AND the mounted hard disk(s).


You need to unmount "/mnt/win_d" ("umount /mnt/win_d"), then remount it as a read-write filesystem ("mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/hdb1 /mnt/win_d"). I am assuming that "win_d" is a second hard disk and is ntfs formatted, if it is a second partition on your C: drive then replace "hdb1" with "hda2". This should enable you to write data to "win_d".


Regards, Phydeaux.

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