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About the FAQ Forum (Please Read)

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<span style='font-size:25pt;line-height:100%'>About the FAQ Forum</span>

  • From some time now, there has been a lot of debate about the need to create a usable FAQ section (this topic comes from the first board) that covers those questions repeated day to day on our board.
    The aim of a FAQ Forum is to give an easy resource to solve the most common problems that our users experience. It is also to avoid as much as possible the reiteration of the same questions again and again that in some cases ends by tiring those who answer questions.
    Until now the main problem was how to structure an ordered, quick and easy to browse FAQ Forum inside a phpBoard whose inherent characteristics make that not an easy task. The guys on
http://forums.gentoo.org have shown us the answer! They have implemented a very clever, ordered and easy system of FAQs. We've just ported it to this board with the healthy interest of offering our users a powerful quick-search service of those problems that are more frequent.
How is it structured?
The forum is structured as follows:
Announcement posts: Those posts talking about how the forum is structured, how to contribute, how to use, and the Table of Contents.
Sticky posts: The different sections of the FAQ Forum. They must be always on top to allow easy browsing through them, that's why they have to be sticky. Each one contains links to the different FAQ posts related to that section. They are somehow the table of contents in this phpBoard structure. An individual section is updated each time we add a new FAQ related to it.
Normal posts: Each one of the FAQ posts. They are indexed as: "Section_id-Relative_number: Faq Title"
For example: the section post "KC: Kernel Compilation" will have links to the FAQs:
KC-01: Which kernel should I Install?
KC-02: I want to use my own CFLAGS, how can I do it?
... and so on.
How can I contribute?
Check out this link: BQ-01: I have a FAQ, how can I post it into the FAQ Forum?

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