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Buffalo WLI-U2-KG125S-3 WLAN adapter

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I bought this dongle a couple of months ago and it wouldn't work on Linux. I did not find any information on the net on how to set it up on Mandriva so here is the "how to"


1-Insert the drivers (Windoze)

2-Open drakconf ("configure your computer")

3-In Network and Internet ->Setup a new network interface

4-choose Wireless

5-Choose "use a Windoze driver"

6-Pick up the driver "netg125s.inf" from the mounted CD

7-The wizard will load the driver but show an error, firmware missing

8-Cancel the wizard

9-Under root copy rndismp.sys and usb8023.sys in /etc/ndiswrapper/netg125s/

10-type ndiswrapper -m under root

11-It should now be working, otherwise rebbot and it worked for me!


Speedwise I get 3MB/s on my network on ftp between the pc and my NAS (QNAP 109) and that is good for me, not sure how it compares with wired but I can't see a difference. The dongle is supposed to be "wireless-G 125 High speed USB 3 x the speed of standard of 802.11g, but I suppose I wouldn t know what that means...







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