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Wireless connection lost every reboot

Guest Stylish Lemur

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Guest Stylish Lemur


I am from Thailand and

I am very new to linux and mandriva. let say I just install mandriva last 2 days.

I have able to learn from google and try to set something i want except wireless with ndiswrapper. Please help and bear with me here. I might not follow with some details you guys help me but i will try my best. Thanks in advance.


here is the situation. I just install Mandriva 2008 and I use Ndiswrapper for a driver for my USB wireless using WINXP driver. It brands "TP-link" taiwanese brand model TL-WN321G

It working find until I restart the my linux. it won't recognise this device anymore.


I have to repeat everything again by drakconnect .... then it works. but when I restart the same problem persists.


I try to search for solution to this issue and found here




I thought i have similar problem but I could not solve by follow the link above.

I asked mpatrick who help another friend in that topic solve his problem. he suggest me to try follow command to find out whether is it a timing problem


$ su

<enter root password>

# modprobe -r ndiswrapper

# modprobe ndiswrapper


After I tried, seem problem persists.

Please help me

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Check /etc/modprobe.preload and add ndiswrapper to this. I had similar problems, but when I added ndiswrapper to it, it started to work OK. All you do, is add it to the file like this:




but on a completely new line from anything else in this file.


If you're using security, then what is it? WEP? WPA?

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Guest Stylish Lemur

I have already add



in the /etc/modprobe.preload


Still problem did not get solved.

I am using WPA?

Where should we look next?

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Whats your config for wpa_supplicant? There will be a file, I think /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf. Remove your password when you post the contents here for security reasons.


First of all though, I would ensure you get it working successfully without security first. Therefore turn security off on your wireless access point/router, and then try to use your machine to connect. If you then find that it connects completely fine every time you restart your computer, then we know it is wpa_supplicant that is causing your problem.


If it does work, then post your wpa_supplicant.conf file here, and we can then take a look in case it has a bad configuration.

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