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An open letter to Steve Ballmer


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Interesting how this thing is playing out...


Good that Mandriva got the deal back.


Hmm, apparently there is a commitment, not a contract here:


"...In an interview with the BBC, Nigeria's education minister questioned the need for laptops in poorly equipped schools.


Dr Igwe Aja-Nwachuku said: "What is the essence of introducing One Laptop per Child when they don't have seats to sit down and learn; when they don't have uniforms to go to school in, where they don't have facilities?"


"We are more interested in laying a very solid foundation for quality education which will be efficient, effective, accessible and affordable."


The previous government of Nigeria had committed to buying one million laptops.


Dr Aja-Nwachuku said he was now assessing OLPC alongside other schemes from Microsoft and Intel.


"We are asking whether this is the most critical thing to drive education."..."


Source: BBC: Politics 'stifling $100 laptop'



If this is indeed the case, then I hope for the sake of other Mandriva customers that this isn't one of those deals that could contribute towards cripling the company financially!

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