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Most recoverable filesystem?

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Ok, so I have some files I want to make fairly long-term backups on a local drive. Lots of files, generally no larger than a few MB. They're all binaries though, so I need them to stay perfectly intact. So I'm wondering, aside from backing up on external media (which I'll get to most likely at a slightly later point), what's the best filesystem to use that will be easily recovered in the event of some kind of error formatting or with the partition table or something of that nature? Nothing too extremely important, mostly just a question of curiosity after having some problems with this in the past.

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You probably don't need to worry about which file system exactly, But what you want is a file system that is not fragmented, If you only copy and not delete as you go along then the fragmentation will be at a min. I myself would go for FAT32 since it can be read by everything. and there are hundreds if not thousands of programs to scan a FAT32 Drive and recover Files.


If you want a good back up system check out AMANDA it is easy and can back up to hard disk, Incremental or full. One advantage is without the AMANDA Client you can restore the files using the standard Command line. Same if you copy these backup files to the tapes or Cd's you can then use small commands to bring all the files back you need.


I have set it up over 10 Servers, and it works quickly and reliably every time.


I used the Source files from the AMANDA site as I was running different versions of Linux and i wanted the same version of the backup software across all servers.


Even backs MS machines..


Don't use Cheap CD'S I found the Silver Foil peels off or gets worn after a couple of years in storage. I Don't use Cd's now for backups that have to last more than 3 Months. I use a External Hard Disk. Tapes Get the mold growing on them if they are not kept in a good storage area. If you use tapes get some of the desiccant from the supermarket and place it in a airtight box with the tapes. This will help remove the moisture, Now they have a new little bag in food items sold, it removes the oxygen, which may also help reduce the rusting and growth of fungus and bacteria.

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