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URPMI without network connection


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I need a software update for my agere systems pci softmodem according to google, it said theres a package to download and install and make the modem functionable. I can't connect without my dial up so i need to download the package from a computer with windows. Also my Nvidia video card doesnt have 1280 X 1024 should i expect that to change?


The flash drive if portable is 4gb.

I read on a pinned topic it could be done from a cd/dvd, if so how would i go about finding the correct file and then installing it from a portable storage device.







I just thought of something, i read earlier you could use VMplayer to run linux in windows, would that allow the internet connection from windows to become active?

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You can set up a custom software source in the Mandriva Control Centre, where you define software sources.


It would probably be best to create a folder on your hard drive and transfer the file from your flash drive to that. You can then keep any other rpms you need in that location for later use. You may also need some additional rpms which are dependencies, so check that first to avoid multiple trips between computers.

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Your Nvidia card will work with one file from the Nvidia sight. Just get that file; it will run a shell script on its own. You will need to have the kernel-source package installed. If you use urpmi, it will install all of that from the cd/dvd.

As far as the modem, it's hard tellin'. B)

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Sorry, I've been busy the past couple of day's. So i got my nvidia video card working, this is what i done.

Changed menu style to kickoff, searched for nvidia, mandriva live comes with a nvidia settings file. I opened it and saved it to the Xserver, the 1280x1024 option wasnt available when i just right clicked on the desktop and clicked configure and then display, it has to be changed from nvidia settings. Anyway i got it changed and was accurately able to change my screen refresh rate HZ as well.


Now for the modem, this is the main issue now, I've done some prior research on this but due to lack of time havnt been able to do anything about it.


When i go to mandrivas website and click on download and rpm and list by name it always gives me info on a windows computer but in order to download them i have to click find mirror, is this the normal procedure?


So about the research i done, more like a google search, i found a couple of people that have had success with a file called slmodem which supposedly works with win soft modems, any idea's? I havnt tryed anything yet or even downloaded a file, actually when i was looking at the rpms i didnt see libdvdcss2 as found on google or slmodem file, but there are other dvd files and slmodem files just with different endings, any help is always appreciated, but due to time im forced to go again.


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Accordong to what I have found, the "mars" chip will work. but if you have an "amr" chip, you're done. The old Lucent technologies has only released the source for the mars series chip. Here is the information and data to download,

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