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Show off your Desktop - August 2007


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You didn't give me enough time too comment on that. Hell I was going to comment on the fact that the screenshot has like NO resemblance to an Macbook at all. :D
Haha, yeah, I should post a screenshot of my mac desktop...but I think I'll have to change it up a bit first.



Well, I was simply speechless. I was tempted to write: "You Bastard!", but my fingers were still in shock and thus unable to type anything.
Sorry, all flamed out here.... :lol2:



I was actually expecting a comment from mysti, since her and I have had a few GNOME v. KDE debates :D

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I used KDE before...but then I found GNOME. My main issue with KDE has always been the lack of good themes: I could never find one I liked. All my other complaints about it aren't show-stoppers.

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