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wacom tablet and laptops

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the new linuxwacom rpms for mandriva 2007.1 (in main/backports ) are OK!



Some useful details for laptops and Wacom tablet:


1 Never let mouse or stylus upon the tablet when power on : it will freeze the start of system after bios ! (if you remove them, then the MBR reading starts!) :wall:


2 Never let the mouse nor the stylus upon the tablet if you stop working and let the laptop get sleeping : when you wake it up the mouse or stylus won't be useable ! :o

In that case you can always get them work correctly by using the Wacom control panel (mandriva-menu/system/configuration/hardware/Wacom control panel) if you installed the linuxwacom-controlpanel rpm.

Just click on one item (stylus or cursor) then click on tool button, then click on OK, then click on EXIT and everything is allright again! :thumbs:

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