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OpenOffice 2.2.1 repo?


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Hi there!


I would like to know if there is any repository for OpenOffice.Org 2.2.1 (and newer, when it comes out), or if the only way to install latest OpenOffice versions is by the official release RPM's ?


I know how to install it by the official RPM's, it's how I got it, but I would like to use a Mandriva version...


By the way, I use Mandriva 2007.1 Spring KDE.


Thanks a lot :)

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It does exist in the urpmi repository, so find it surprising that you actually download it. Of course, Mandriva might not have the latest version available, but it should appear at some point in backports, either main or contrib backports.


And it's very simple to install, you can do in the gui by going to System/Configure/Configure Your Computer and then go into the software section and install software. Then search for openoffice.


Or, from the commandline:


urpmf --name openoffice


to find the package, and then install with:


urpmi openoffice.org-writer


for example, I've made up the format, but you get the idea of what to type.

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Check the section here on Mandriva Enhanced RPMS in case thacs/mde's rpms include them. If not, there's no other repo or check SoS Seer of Souls repo.

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I just checked that I have QpenOffice 2.1 AND also 2.2 using Mandriva-Spring.

I have now un-installed 2.1

OO 2.2 is named differently as you can see from the screen shot.

If you have setup urpmi correctly you should be able to find and download it.


Cheers. John

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Guest krejj1

Here. But web only at czech lang. There is Openoffice 2.2.1 for MDV 2007.1 from ooo-build - en-US, cs, sk localization, but i can build another lang package too.

Translation of some words from cz to en:

povinné balícky - you must install package

lokalizace - localization

volitelné balícky - optional package

Adresáre na FTP serveru - Directories on ftp server

Zdroj software pro MDV 2007.1 - Software source for MDV 2007.1

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We haven't done a backport build of 2.2.1 for 2007 Spring yet. Not the least of the reasons for this is that an OO.o build takes approximately eight to ten hours on the Mandriva build cluster, so even getting it updated for Cooker is something of an adventure (it only recently got into Cooker). I'll ask the maintainer if he'll be able to do a backports build of it soon.


A pre-release build of 2.2 was released with Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring in the /contrib/release repository, named 'openoffice.org.-go-ooo'. It will install alongside the official 2.1 build available from /main/release and named 'openoffice.org', so you can have both installed and switch between them as appropriate.

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