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New Bugzilla on the way


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cool, thanks. I think the problem with the signature is that the keys for the backports media have got messed up _again_. i am working on a proposal to just sign all packages with the same key, which would avoid this hassle once and for all...

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The new Bugzilla is up and running.

After a few weeks of testing, we have upgraded Mandriva's Bugzilla. We are now running Bugzilla 3.0 with almost no patches (as compared to the previously installation, which was a heavily patched Bugzilla 2.x). The main good news about this change is that the new Bugzilla is a lot faster than the old one! You might notice a few other changes too.


There's now a guided bug entry process, which will help you report bugs with all the necessary information.


We no longer use packages as components: we have just a small set of general categories, and you can add the affected package as a separate field, if you know it. The major advantage of this change is speed: it's the main reason why the new Bugzilla is significantly faster than the old one (ten times faster, in some cases).


There are a few other changes, but they're less visible. This upgrade should help us maintain Bugzilla better in future and the increase in speed is good for everyone!

Announcement on the club page

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