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Mandriva kernel team reorganization

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In news that many Club members may find interesting, a reorganization of the kernel development team was recently announced on the Cooker mailing list. Read on for more details of the new-look team.


Luiz Capitulino, who was previously responsible for maintaining the kernel for stable releases, will now lead the Cooker kernel team. Herton Krzesinski will assist him, and Claudio Matsuoka and Arnaud Patard (the previous Cooker kernel team leader) will help out when possible. Luiz envisages a much more active role in the process for the two principal external contributors to kernel work, Thomas Backlund and Danny Tholen (maintainers of the popular alternative kernels kernel-tmb and kernel-multimedia). Bogdano Arendartchuk will now handle maintenance of the kernel for stable releases.


Luiz plans several changes to the kernel development process. First of all, the main kernel in Cooker will be merged with the current kernel-tmb, absorbing most of its changes. There will be a review of kernel patches, with large, hard-to-maintain patches and those of uncertain value being candidates for removal. RSBAC will be dropped in favor of AppArmor. Many third-party drivers will be moved out of the kernel into separate packages, to allow for more flexibility in packaging them, and faster updates where appropriate. Finally, a much more frequent release schedule is envisaged, with new releases closer to once a week than once every few months.


The kernel team will work together with the Bug Squad to try and evaluate all outstanding kernel bugs and resolve the most important. With over 500 open bugs it is impossible for all to be fully resolved in time for the next release of Mandriva Linux, but the aim is to at least resolve the most important and long-standing issues.


The changes outlined here will be visible to most users only with the next release, Mandriva Linux 2008. We hope the result will be improved hardware compatibility and reduced problems in 2008 and all future releases.


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