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Show off your Desktop - June 2007


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I think that's the IceOSX icon theme. It should be in plf.

Thanks dexter.


Can I just get the set of Icons for my KDE on Mandriva? I couldn't find this on my MCC or already on my KDE Control Centre...

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which theme/style, icons and wallpaper are you using? And how did you make your kicker transparent like that?


Background and black kicker - nuevoXT theme.

Icon theme - vista-inspirate.

Emerald theme - vistaQ (I think). (why are themes so often named vista-something :rolleyes:)


I use Beryl to make the kicker transparent. IF you are using Beryl you can do this from:

beryl settings manager, choose "window management", tick "Set windows attrib by...." and open the flag "Window opacity"



or click plus and select "Window type", use "grab" to select the kicker in KDE and set the desired value (65 in my case).


It's possible that you need to alter your xorg.conf to make it work. I followed the instructions in the Beryl wiki for Mandriva & xorg.conf, rather than using the default code generated by Mandriva.

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That highly depends on what he considers "mac-panel" - there are some things about the GNOME panel that you can't particularly emulate in KDE. Hence why I asked for clarification :)



Well, you can get Mac panel on Gnome as the one in KDE. I think the application is on gnomefiles.org

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