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HP ScanJet 3300C now works


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<excited> This was a pleasant surprise to find that not only was my scanner recognized, but I can actually scan images with it now with 9.1. Previous version recognized it in harddrake, but Xsane wouldn't. WooHoo! </excited>


Now only if I could get photoshop working with it. (I keep trying things in gimp, but it just ain't the same)


Had to share this with y'all.

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damn good man!!!


I tried a lot to get this scanner working using the work on the niash backend being done by Bertrik Sikken. At that time, almost a year back i had to exchange my scanner with my friends who uses xp.


Anyway,Glad to know that hes come through with his work!!!


By the way does this scaner work completely without any issues?




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I don't know if you can get photoshop to work with wine, but it runs great in win4lin. It retails for about $90 but discounts are available, e.g. 20% discount available for Mandrake Club members. You won't be able to access the scanner through win4lin however you can scan the image in linux, save it to your win4lin directory and run photoshop in win4lin to manipulate the image all without rebooting. You will need to have an old copy of win98 or 95 to do the win4lin install but it works great and runs non-DirectX windows apps at near native speeds.

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