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My new project - need help!

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I have a fully working server on my gentoo box. Currently I have a test board on localhost but I want one that I can access online. I have registered the domain name vampyregeek.org (of course!) and I know it takes several days before I can use it but I need to know how to set it up. I have emerged bind. I know I need to configured named.conf and also I have db.vampyregeek.org from when someone tried to help me before. I'll attach it. The ip address listed is no longer good which is why I haven't commented it out. Thanks for any help!


Edit: okay I can't attach it so I'll post it here.


$TTL 3h
vampyregeek.org. IN SOA vampyregeek.org. barbara.vampyregeek.org. (
1h )

vampyregeek.org. IN NS ns1.vampyregeek.org.
vampyregeek.org. IN NS ns1.zorq.net.

;Host Addresses

vampyregeek.org. IN A
ns1.vampyregeek.org. IN A


gentoo.vampyregeek.org. IN CNAME vampyregeek.org.
www.vampyregeek.org. IN CNAME vampyregeek.org.



Thanks again.

And please don't tell me to just use a hosting company. What's the fun in that?

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Heh. I'm kinda/sorta going to say use a hosting company. I never could figure out Bind and all that, so I went to no-ip.com and paid a little for their non-free package where they point your domain name to whatever ip you need it pointed to. For free, they will do one for vampyregeek.no-ip.com too. :D

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if he doesnt respond soon, ask paul, he knows all this stuff inside and out.



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Actually I got everything configured but then ran into a problem with virtual hosts. It's supposed to work where you can set it up by name instead of ip address but it kept giving me a conflict and would only recognize one site at a time. I haven't given up but I just haven't had time to work on it lately.

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