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Website rc1, comments please


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Ok, it's not finished, but some/most parts are close to what I intended.


Basically, I made this site to help friends and colleagues to move over to linux from whatever (yeah right) other platform they are currently using.

Got 5 people to switch to Mdk, some of them paying members, so good for mdk.


Anyway, please let me know if the site would be enough (clear enough) for non-stupid non-linux computer users to start with linux/mdk.

Are any crucial parts missing?


All comments are welcome, non-constructive ones are sent to /dev/null


There is a whole installation process overview, with screenies (most of the screens that you come across during install), and a config page.


So how do you think it looks, is there anything missing, are things correct etcetc?




Oh and be sure to send me the link to your linux oriented website (mandrake or not, all is ok), if it's not on the link page yet.

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looks nice...By the way, oticed you mention a patch for the kt133 motherboard..Believe I have that one too(am not at home to check it..and never really checked the specific name)

What does it precisely do, except lowering the temperature..My fan is always running is this normal...My temp is about 40 °C I think(is there an entry in proc for this?). It would be nice that my fan would be quiet some times.... It's not that it is to hot anyway, but don't know if it is necessary to run it all the time...Is there some smart option to let it run only above a given temperature or is this normally already???(I can set a max temp in my bios -> shuts down when it reacges that temp.)

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Your fan either always runs at the same speed, or can slow down, depending on whether it's a thermally controlled fan and if your motherboard can do anything about the fanspeed.


In your case it doesn't change, so you can't change the fanspeed. That being said, of course you can buy a thermally controlled fan.


Check the link to the Athlon/Duron temp page on the links page, there you can find the right commands to use for whatever type of mobo/chipset you have.

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Very Cool, definiately earns a special spot in my bookmarks.


Just a couple notes from what I saw:


Spellcheck, "thrash your d: partition" or should it be "trash" ?


Might want to add section on the ISO burn on the installation page (such as md5sum, burn the image on a quality blank, use a slower speed, etc.)


You will need to update your configuration page to reflect NVIDIA's change from the rpm format.


Maybe use .jpg format for your banner. 91K is a bit large and slows down the page loading time. It does look nice, tho. I try to keep these under 14K for my work.


Nice work, I will visit again.

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Thanks scoopy, just the kind of feedback I was hoping for.


You're right on all counts, thrash=>trash, the .png being a bit large. Guess that also counts for the background image. It will be changed soon, next time I upload the site. Including some remarks about the new way of installing NVIDIA drivers, I'll just link to DOlson's site/page about that.


I will add a section about the .iso, and also where to get it, sometime soon, but since I mainly wrote this for friends and colleagues for whom I make copies all the time, I never thought of that...

Now that it's a public site, I may have to think bigger than that... :)


Keep 'm coming guys! and girls!

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