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Well, my card is always lit up. It has two lights on it. . . one titled "Power" and one titled "Link." Both of these were lit up before I put in the command. Once I put it in the two lights stayed lit up. I got no output inside my terminal either.


I think we have a couple of main problems:


1. The windows driver for my wireless card is buried inside an exe (windows).

2. I have no idea how to work with the kernel or install software from source.

(AKA ndiswrapper, pcmcia_cs)

3. Obviously, there is no linux native driver for my card.


PS. Are there wireless cards with native linux drivers? Just wondering if they exist.


Thanks for all the help your giving me.

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I found the driver for my card. It simply doesn't work with ndiswrapper. I am buying a card that does work (some netgear card). Once I get a new pc card it should work out of the box with the windows inf file. Thanks for your help, but I think I am going to take the easy way out.

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It's hard for me to help you with this because not only do I not have your card, but I'm not currently using wireless on a Mandriva system.


I was hoping someone else here would offer you some help, but it's hard if you don't have the same card.


The problem is that when the Mandriva Linux kernel doesn't recognize your card, you must bind the kernel driver to the card manfid. The way that is done has been recently changed... from the Mandriva wiki:

If a card isn't binded to the correct driver, its device IDs should be added to the matching kernel module (the /etc/pcmcia/config file isn't used anymore).
but they don't tell you where to bind it. I've even spent some time on irc #mandriva asking the devs, but didn't receive an answer. You use to be able to create a /etc/pcmcia/hermes.conf with a device using the orinoco_cs module, but it appears that will not longer work.


I know that you probably do not understand all of that, but I'm posting it here in case someone else can help you with this. Your card 'should' work with one, or both the hostap and or orinoco_cs modules.

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Okay, thanks Greg.


I am going to buy a Netgear WG511 V.2 54Mbps Wireless PC Card 32-bit Cardbus. It is on the list of ndiswrapper compatible cards and should be pretty plug and play. The list says it is compatible with the inf file on the windows install cd. If I have problems with it than I will create a new topic and post my questions to it.

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