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Ok, I have three distros installed now and I've become rather bored. I switched to Debian to get my wireless working on the lappy because no matter what I tried in Mandriva (and I got lots of suggestions) it just wouldn't work consistently. It was quite a challenge to get it working in Debian and I certainly learned a lot to get a stable connection! I even had to manually configure dhcp! :o Problem solved. Gentoo is working like a dream. No problems there. I just installed Mandriva 2007.1 and except for a problem I learned how to fix with the kde menu there's nothing left to do except wait for updates when it's on the mirrors. So . . . I have one spare partition and lots of time. Any ideas as to what I could put on it that would be challenging yet fun? Come on, let's hear some ideas. Nothing easy though. Too boring. And no, I won't do lfs again. Ick!

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I just re-installed arch last night...it was amazingly simple. I barely had to touch the config files - only had to set eth0 to dhcp and add gdm to the daemons. Plus the install documentation is excellent.


The challenge is in learning a new system (imho a good system). But truly, once you've done a stage 1 gentoo install, the next step would be LFS as most distro's don't get more complicated than stage 1.

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If it was easy then i'll just get bored with it.
I edited my post ;) - you'll eventually get bored with any distribution. Instead of just using one, perhaps you should try developing for one? :D That would be more interesting!


as arctic pointed out, BSD and Solaris could be an interesting experience for you too. First you'd have to pick which BSD :lol:

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Stage 1 installs of Gentoo aren't challenging anymore. And like I said, no LFS. I just hated that install. I don't plan on installing anything that will replace Gentoo. I just want to install, learn how to use it and then maybe replace it with something else. Okay, tell me more about BSD as I know nothing about it.

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Stage 1 installs of Gentoo aren't challenging anymore.
Right. My point is, if they aren't challenging anymore, you're not likely to find a distribution that you do find challenging. You're basically going to be learning how to do the same stuff, but differently. This isn't challenging ;)


Okay, tell me more about BSD as I know nothing about it.
There are various different versions...NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, PC-BSD (these are the ones I can remember). The latter 2 being more common on the desktop, the former more likely to be used as a server OS.
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Rather than another OS, I'd suggest a more in-depth exploration of applications.


What kind of applications are you using now?


Are you making optimum use of:


Google apps (homepages and the various available widgets for productivity enhancement, Google Docs, Google Reader for feeds, etc)? Ditto for Yahoo (e.g., Yahoo Pipes).


Browser bookmarklets


Encryption apps (e.g., Truecrypt)


Online Bookmarking of important links (del.icio.us, digg, etc)


Scripting (e.g., bash)


Online family photo albums (including the horse and other animals)


Advanced Spreadsheet functionality - macros and formulas


Secure backups of important data (strongly encrypted, either online or offline)

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use a distro and make it so secure that you get locked out

(grsecurity + aparmor + an IDS + SELinux not all compatible together)


Just try sidux just to check that it is the fastest starting (that is what I read from an enthousiastic poster)


+1 openBSD plus new version scheduled in May

(that was my next thing to try since it is supposed to be secure

and that would simpler that what I suggested above)


How about taking one of these orphan debian package and look after

it? That must be challenging enough: pulling people together, organising

the work development... maybe even coding

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Well being a developer is out of the question since I don't know anything about coding. But I did get some good suggestions.


Here's a problem I just discovered. When I boot into Mandriva I'm getting a couple of error messages at boot. Something about ivp6 tunnering and ivp4 tunneling. It's not causing any problems but when I look at the logs most of them are empty. I need the exact message so I can research. Where else can I look?

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