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LinuxBIOS with X11 server, completely in Flash ROM


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It WILL be usefull, someday, provided some company sees the oportunity. Look:


Deaf people (at least in France) used to rely on some pre-internet-era device called Minitel (videotext device) for communications. Indeed, this device permits a "unix talk"-like, or msn-like if you prefer, chat. Now the Minitel is disappearing, and nothing was created to replace it! Deaf people turn to:

- mobile phones' SMS: works and rings (ie: vibrations), but asynchronously, with a poor ergonomy, and at a great cost.

- MSN and the like: works too, and cheap if you already have the computer, but: does not ring (eg: light-flash) when a call arrives, and is wayyy toooo loooong to start for receiving a phone call.


Now, imagine a mini-ITX PC with this 2MB X-in-BIOS, a modem connection to the phone plug, and wake-on-ring enabled! We would have a device that enables deaf people to communicate!



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Interesting explanation. Thanks for that!


(I knew it had to be useful... but as for figuring out 'how to', I'll gladly leave that to other people! x) )


And I know about Minitel... I bought a French gaming magazine a long time ago (it had the first preview of KQ8, which I anticipated highly but which left me heart-broken over the series). They had software or links for Minitel... quite the 'peculiar' type too, if you know what I mean ;)

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