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Proxy Problem


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I have posted this information and told you how to do it. Read back over this post and then make the changes.


I told you to edit /etc/sysconfig/network and /etc/hosts. You know how to edit these files, so do it. I've given you all the information you need to set this up. Make sure it's correct before you reconfigure squid.


If you've not followed these instructions, then I really can't help you anymore, sorry.

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Below is my /etc/sysconfig/network




HOSTNAME=nicholas_tse.nicholas_tse_proxy_server nicholas_tse


and /etc/hosts nicholas_tse.nicholas_tse_proxy_server nicholas_tse


I have did what you told me but still can't connect to internet through proxy server. I configuredmy browser proxy server is nicholas_tse_proxy_server.


Is it have to register a domain before set up a proxy server ?

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HOSTNAME=nicholas_tse.nicholas_tse_proxy_server nichola



Above is my /etc/sysconfig/netowork configuration files. I realised that when shut down computer, it cannot shutdown the postgrel because nicholas_tse host name is not there. Your help is greatly appreciated.


How to permanently change the hostname because each i shut down and restart again it display the same host name which localhost.


Thanks for your help,

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Read my post again. Your hostname is WRONG!


In /etc/sysconfig/network it should be something like:




esprit is my hostname, the linuxsolutions.org is my domain name. Just like if you had a machine at google:




for example. Follow the same format, so for example for you:




or whatever. Is that clear enough now?


In /etc/hosts: nicholas.mydomain.com nicholas


read more carefully, all the information is there to help you get this solved.

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